Discern your vocational calling.

A principal feature of the Fellows program pertains to the integration of faith and vocation. Prior to beginning the program, Fellows work with our team to find a job that suits their education, passions, and strengths. As they get out into the field and feel the soil, they embark in the lifelong journey of carrying their faith into the workplace. In aims of developing future leaders who care for their work, we place this aspect of the program in high standing. Each year, Fellows gain invaluable experience in esteemed businesses, and many of them retain their jobs come the end of the program. Fellows work Monday-Thursday and are compensated for their time. A portion of that compensation is paid directly to the program from our employer partners to cover the cost of the Fellow’s participation in our program. 

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Current Employers

“This year has helped me see a deeper purpose in my work and how I get to daily contribute to the present and the future of my city.”
— Ocean Carlson, Class 12, Whitson Construction

Past Employer Partners