Current Fellows


Emily Miller

Hometown: Kennesaw, GA Alma Mater: Samford University Employer: PYA Interests: Music, photography, travel, The Office Email:


CAetlyn Norman

Hometown: Nashville, TN Alma Mater: The University of Tennessee Employer: Thrive Lonsdale Interests: Music, reading, eating good food, hiking, watching the West Wing Email:


Alex Eberhart

Hometown: Athens, GA Alma Mater: Berry College Employer: Providence Commercial Real Estate Interests: Traveling, sports, music, breakfast restaurants, smokin’ and jokin’, good puns Email:


Meghan Nelson

Hometown: West Lafayette, Indiana Alma Mater: Johnson University Employer: The Whitener Company Interests: Education, theater, dance, reading Email:


Jesse Kizito

Hometown: Silver Springs, MD Alma Mater: Mount St. Mary’s University Employer: Fulton High School Interests: Music, art, reading, sports Email:


Mary Holland Fulghum

Hometown: Waynesville, NC Alma Mater: Asbury University Employer: Leadership Knoxville Interests: Singing, cooking, games, laughing, movies, coffee, friendship & Jesus Email:


Alex McGavic

Hometown: Trinity, NC Alma Mater: Appalachian State University Employer: First Presbyterian Church Interests: Running, music, books, The Office Email:


Daniel Henson

Hometown: Knoxville, TN Alma Mater: The University of Tennessee Employer: YMCA of East Tennessee Interests: F3, hiking, rucking, singing in my car, motivating others, military training, running, mentoring, survival training Email:


Chastedy Johnson

Hometown: Memphis, TN Alma Mater: Johnson University Employer: Knox Area Rescue Ministries Interests: Photography, storytelling, music, dancing, writing, coffee shop vibes Email:


Josh Wilson

Hometown: Murfreesboro, TN Alma Mater: The University of Tennessee Employer: H.T. Hackney Interests: Time with family and friends, loving people, the outdoors, college football & eating good food Email:


Ocean carlson

Hometown: Memphis, TN Alma Mater: The University of Tennessee Employer: Whitson Construction Interests: Fly fishing, surfing, grilling, tacos Email:


Abigail rhodes

Hometown: Knoxville, TN Alma Mater: Auburn University Employer: Tombras Interests: Writing, Spotify’s New Music Friday playlists, personality tests, Auburn athletics Email:


Ashton Braddock

Hometown: Loveland, OH Alma Mater: Mississippi State (undergrad); University of Arkansas (graduate) Employer: The University of Tennessee Interests: Hiking, reading, writing, coffee shops, being outdoors, brunch, cooking for friends & college football Email:


James “jp” dooley

Hometown: Lafayette, TN Alma Mater: Tennessee Tech University Employer: Dealer’s Warehouse Interests: Basketball, adventure sports, biographies, exploring different cultures & fitness Email: